The Texel Guinea Pig truly is one of a kind, and it is often referred to by owners as their favorite breed for countless reasons. This crazy cross between the Rex guinea Pig and Silkie Guinea Pig makes not only a loving pet but also an amazing addition to any guinea pig family. They are quite placid and exude an overall loving and tranquil personality.

Just looking at these adorable little guys with their mane of curly locks shows one of the more aesthetic features of these little critters. Their long, curly hair covers their entire body, while the hair on their face remains much shorter, allowing them to see, breathe and eat efficiently. However, although cute and cuddly, the vast amount of hair possessed by the Texel Guinea Pig means that they require quite a lot more specific care than most other breeds we know and love. One of the main issues associated with their luscious fur is that Texel Guinea Pigs are prone to getting foreign objects stuck in their hair, which may lead to irritation and infection. Mainly this includes anything from hay and bedding to excrement. This is why this breed requires monotonous care, owners find all the hard work worth while! Texel Guinea Pigs are also prone to ear wax buildup due to their long hair. The ways in which many of these ailments are irradiated is through trimming of the hair on a regular basis. Diet wise, this breed has the same requirements as most others, a combination of hay, vegetables, vitamin C pellets and fresh water are ideal to keep you Texel Guinea Pig happy and healthy on the inside. With most breeds, trimming of hair and nails is recommended, but with the Texel Guinea Pigs it is a necessity.

Maintaining good hygiene is of utmost importance as this breed is prone to infections. It is recommended to wash their hair regularly, once a week will be plenty, and this also assists to reduce matting in the long fur. The hair can be safely trimmed with either safety scissors, hair dressing scissors, or for a really accurate cut, an electric shaver. Their thick hair is best brushed with a wire tooth comb, and regular combing will reduce knotting and matting too. When trimming the fur, keep the hair at the back of the Texel Guinea Pig shorter, as this reduces the risk of trapping faeces and urine in the fur and the subsequent infections that may ensue. Texel Guinea Pigs come in a range of colours and markings, all of which set them apart from their short haired counterparts. From browns to blacks and whites, their unique flair makes this breed even more lovable. Most owners find that they also have one of the sweetest personalities generally speaking of any guinea pig breed. This may be one of the newest breeds available today, but also one of the most sought after breeds the modern world has to offer.