The Teddy Guinea Pig is another breed which is vastly growing in popularity in recent years. One of the most desirable characteristics of the Teddy Guinea Pig is that they are extremely low maintenance compared to other available breeds. This can be attributed to their short fur, which is often rough and wiry. Although you can find Teddy Guinea Pigs that possess softer hair, in general they have a rough and dense coat, similar to that of the Abyssinian Guinea Pig but without the rosettes. They also make quite good pets as they are affectionate and most of the time warm up to people quite quickly, unlike other breeds such as the Rex Guinea Pig. This means that less time is needed to get to know their true nature once you purchase your very own. They are high energy and spend a lot of time being active, in contrast to long haired breeds which can be quite calm and placid. Especially for children, this makes them a desirable choice for small pet. Another defining characteristic of these little fireballs is their upturned nose, often referred to as a “Roman Nose”.

They require a significant amount less grooming than most other breeds and are extremely self sufficient. They need minimal grooming, although brushing with a slick brush to remove loose hair and debris would be ideal, as debris lodged in their fur may lead to irritation and infection. Using a wet cloth or tissue to gently rub their ears from time to time will minimise the build upĀ of ear wax that all guinea pig breeds are prone to due to the shape and size of their ears. It seems that Teddy Guinea Pigs also have much drier skin than some other breeds. To ensure that they do not suffer from dry skin it is important to be aware they do not need to be bathed often. For animals living inside, bathing is not necessary as with brushing their fur will stay relatively clean, but outdoor Teddy Guinea Pigs may be bathed no more than 3 times a year. The name ‘Teddy’ originated just where you would have thought, from its likeness to the teddy bear. The fur of the Teddy Guinea Pig is often likened to a teddy bears fur and its upturned nose makes it look even more like the beloved children’s toy. Their personalities can be adventurous and a little challenging at times, but that’s what makes this breed so fun to be around! They are vastly curious and this can sometimes hinder them when it comes to living with humans! Due to their active nature, they must be supplied with lots of toys and other equipment as well as the essentials, like bedding. Once they settle down for the day they do love a good cuddle too! They have the same diet as most other species, loving fresh vegetables, vitamin C pellets and hay as well as a good supply of fresh water. If you are looking for the perfect guinea pig pet, it is hard to bypass the Teddy Guinea Pig!